How I Made a 35% ROI in football betting using Machine Learning – Part 2

Welcome back to our exciting quest of making money in football betting using machine learning! In our last post, we have attempted to feed the dataset bluntly into a few machine learning algorithms without much feature engineering and the best accuracy score was a disheartening 53%. While 53% is very shameful, it served as a

How I Made a 35% ROI in football betting using Machine Learning – Part 1

One day, when I was looking around for interesting data science toy projects to play with, an article from a machine learning tutorial website caught my attention. It says, “How to predict football results easily using machine learning”. Interesting, I thought, and I clicked into the article. As I was reading the article with a

Do you know what are the most talked about topics in Singapore?

There are tons of news publications in Singapore, from the traditional The Straits Times, Today, and also the digital ones like and many more to grab your latest news fix but let’s face it. *Cough Cough*. It’s beginning to look like what they want to write, not what want to read and know. Unless

How to install Kaggle’s Most Won Algorithm – XGBoost (Screenshots included)

If you are on this page, chances are you have heard of the incredible capability of XGBoost. Not only it “boasts” higher accuracy compared to similar boasted tree algorithms like GBM (Gradient Descent Machine), thanks to a more regularized model formalization to control over-fitting, it enables many Kaggle Masters to win Kaggle competitions as well.